18 Mar 2017

Luv Health

Luv Health


(A health awareness initiative by MARKET INTERFACE)

What is LuvHealth?

LUVHEALTH is a unique initiative designed to promote health awareness in people by providing authentic articles related to current specific health issues being faced by individuals, using whatsapp/hike messenger/email

How is LuvHealth different?

We understand that off late people are overwhelmed with lots of health tips etc., floating all over social media, magazines and newspapers which sometimes may or may not be relevant to their specific health issues and neither is the source known sometimes. Hence LuvHealth will address this issue by providing only authentic information coming from doctors, related to your specific health issues/needs.

How does it work?

A detailed survey will be conducted for LuvHealth members. The survey will include their current health condition as well as their family member’s health state. Once we identify their specific health issues, we send out relevant articles monthly once to entire family.

Where do the articles come from and from whom?

We visit the doctor’s offices personally and collect the articles directly from them. They could be general physicians/ specialized doctors, as well as other alternate systems practitioners like Homeopathy,  Ayurveda, Acupressure practitioners, physiotherapists, nutritionists etc.,

How are the articles sent?

Using WhatsApp, Hike Messenger or E – mail.

What does LuvHealth mean for a Doctor/Hospital?

It is a great opportunity for a doctor/hospital to write articles and spread their precious advice to all members of LuvHealth. Reading such articles, the members will know about the availability of doctor/hospital, specialised doctors in twin cities and could be interested in consulting with the doctor.

How does a Doctor Signup and what is the pricing?

By signing up with LuvHealth, you will be providing us with six articles per Year on the subject of your choice for duration of one year. The pricing is Rs 2500 per year. Added to this you will get a complimentary service of being listed with your own webpage on our website HicheckiN.

What is HicheckiN?

HicheckiN is a local search and business listing website developed by Market Interface. (Mobile App is under development currently). It’s vision is to connect local businesses/services with local consumers. It has features to search for Business Profiles or services located in their area.

How does the complementary service of HicheckiN help a doctor?

By being listed on HicheckiN you get your own webpage for your clinic/ specialized services provided. Consumers who use HicheckiN can find you by searching on the website and can reach out to you for your consulting/services.

How do I signup?

Please call Mr Rahul 9100078158.

For More Details Check here!!! LUV HEALTH

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