18 Mar 2017





Life is an interdependence. Nobody is independent and nobody is dependent. Everybody is Interdependent. That means we are all dependent on each other. So if one thinks that he is independent or someone thinks he is dependent, then this thinking is illusion and the truth is that everybody is interdependent.

By understanding this one can have friendliness towards one and all. Similarly every business is also an interdependent phenomenon, as business is dependent on customers and customers are dependent on business people. Business involves Aims, Ambitions, Aspirations, Competition, and Creativity along with these if friendliness is also involved in business then the business will be joyful.

MARKET INTERFACE is born with a Unique vision of synthesizing the business (which involves Aims, Ambitions, Competition and Creativity etc) with a flavor of Friendliness in unique ways.

As part of our vision of synthesizing the business with a flavor of friendliness we have come up with an idea where the synthesis between Business to Business (B2B), Customer to Business (C2B), and Business to customers (B2C) can happen online.

Here we are creating a platform online on website www.hicheckin.com where business and customers can register themselves. After registering themselves as members they can build a friendly relation with other registered business categories and customers in our twin cities. Any category of business people can register themselves.

In addition to this the business people should provide discounts / reasonable prices to other members who have registered themselves which help to build up friendly relation.

Benefits of registered members:

Registered member can get the access of all other registered members (i.e., Business type and category) contact details.

Added with discounts round the year with in the registered members, thus benefiting mutually and enhancing business and friendship.

Along with business memberships, you can also have the axis of data of genuine household and students email ids through which business member can send promotional emails.

Hence the business members and households can benefit mutually in a friendly platform.

You provide some friendly discount to the registered member and get discount from all other registered members throughout the year.

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